The ultimate Robin Hood experience, archery tag parties are epic!


Archery Tag is a unique sport that combines archery, paintball, and dodgeball. Taking the best bits out of all these fantastic sports and creating one masterpiece. Players must work together to shoot and eliminate the opposing team using specially designed soft-tipped arrows.


We transform any venue or location into a safe battlefield with our inflatable bunkers and camouflage netting. Children will be equipped with a full face mask, bow and arrows to work with / take on their friends at various games and missions.


Archery tag parties are perfect for ages 6+. Ideal for a range of occasions: parties,

fetes, fun days, scout groups, corporate events, schools, medieval events, young

farmer clubs, and more.



Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars


Is it safe?

Archery Tag is very safe and completely family friendly. We use foam-tipped arrows and smaller bows, which have been specifically designed for Archery Tag. We also provide players with face masks and arm guards while playing. Many people describe it as paintball without the bruises and welts.

  • Up to 20 players
  • Bows
  • Soft tipped arrows
  • Inflatable bunkers
  • Full face masks
  • Printable invitations
  • 1 party host


​Appropriate venues:

Our equipment is completely mobile and we deliver parties across the South West including Exeter, Exmouth, Plymouth, Torbay, Taunton and surrounding areas.


Village and town halls, sports centres, fields, gardens and forests, all make great locations for archery tag parties. We are able to source a venue nearby for you at £40 per hour.



Price based on max 20 players, with customers own venue.

Additional players £5pp / Additional time £50 per 30 minutes


Additional Extras


Sporty Stars T Shirt​


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What's included:​



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Archery Tag
Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars