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Our aim is to build a network of Sporty Stars franchises across the UK, providing the most diverse and exciting activities to children aged 4 – 12. Our hope is that every child can be within a close distance to attend a Sporty Stars holiday camp, as well as becoming the nation’s number one choice for an active birthday party.

Our mission is to build a team of franchisees to deliver our services to the highest of standards, that we have set over the last 10 years. We strongly believe in our business model and strive to continue to run our business ethically, and treat our customers and staff with respect and kindness.

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Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars

Overview of Sporty Stars


Sporty Stars was created by Danny Lewis in 2011. Danny has always been a sports fanatic, competing at a wide range of sports, most notably representing Great Britain at volleyball. It was his love for all things sporty that drove him to create a work / life balance in this industry.


The choice between becoming a PE teacher or pursuing an idea was a very "adult" decision after leaving university, but a decision that has had vast rewards for children in the surrounding areas, employees and himself.


The idea was to deliver a range of unique activities, alongside the more traditional sports, offering children exciting and engaging experiences whilst becoming more active.


After initially starting as an after school club provider, Danny discovered a gap in the market within the ever-growing party sector. Combining exciting activities and sports, Danny created a range of packages for holiday camps and school events.


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Sporty Stars

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Why Franchising?


So what are the benefits of purchasing a franchise, as opposed to “going it alone”? Here are some of the main ones. Obviously, these do not hold true for every franchise, but they certainly apply to all reputable franchises.


Lower Failure Rate: when you buy a franchise, you are buying into an established concept that has a proven record of success.  Statistics show that franchisees stand a much better chance of success than people who start independent businesses – independent businesses stand a 70% to 80% chance of NOT surviving the first few critical years while franchisees have an 80% chance of surviving (Michael M Coltman, Franchising in Canada: Pros and Cons, Self-Counsel Press).


Help with Start Up and Beyond: because the franchisor has an interest in ensuring your business is a success, you will get a lot of help starting your business and running it afterwards. Many franchises are “turnkey operations”: when you buy a franchise you get all the equipment, supplies and instruction or training required to start the business. In many cases you also get ongoing training and help with management and marketing.


Buying Power: your franchise will benefit from the collective buying power of the parent company as the franchisor can afford to buy in bulk and pass the savings on to franchisees.


Brand equity: many well-known franchises have national brand-name recognition. Buying a franchise can be like buying a business with built-in customers. Branding, logos, marketing and advertising materials will already have been developed by the franchisor so there is no need for the franchisee to spend their time and money on this activity.


Reputation: next to advertising and branding, a franchisee enjoys the protected reputation of the Franchisor. There are usually designated legal departments to take care of inevitable issues such as lawsuits, accidents and difficulties with employees. This is hard to replicate as an independent business owner.

Why Sporty Stars?


Our business model is versatile and flexible, covering three sectors, childcare, parties and events and school services. The advantage of having three sources of income, is that there is achievable work, 7 days a week. We work hard on marketing our services to parents and schools, with various campaigns. Although the key to our success over a relatively short period of time, is no secret. We deliver each event to the highest professional standard, full of enthusiasm with all staff following our tried and tested session plans. This creates a ripple effect.


We do not look at any event as a single entity. Parties provide a great example of this. Most children's parties allow up to 30 guests, all 30 of these guests have birthdays coming up, a lot of them with parents watching, who in turn may have other children. There is no better marketing tool, to gain future parties and new members at our holiday camps.


There has also never been a need as great for getting children active. With constant reminders in the media regarding childhood obesity, parents are now more than ever looking for active solutions.


Schools also receive a minimum of £9000 per year to improve PE & Sport. We argue there is no other company with such a range of activities to inspire children to get active.

Are you a good fit?


We feel that the future success of our business hinges on every single franchisee managing to set up and operate their business well, so we are happy to go the extra mile ourselves to ensure that this happens.


As a franchisee, you will take on a multitude of roles, including training, management, customer service, sales, event delivery and finance. We are looking for people that have had first-hand experience in roles which will be advantageous to their success, these roles may include: sports coaching, teaching, accountancy, project management, sales and marketing, children's entertainment or childcare.


It is vital that all of our franchisees are passionate, friendly, self-motivated, enthusiastic and hard working. It is also important that franchisees are confident communicators, whether that be delivering an event to 30+ people, training staff or negotiating contracts with schools.


We encourage people from all backgrounds and with a variety of skills, however one critical success factor is the time a franchisee is able to spend on developing and running the Sporty Stars business. As such, we can only accept applications from individuals who have a minimum of 25 business hours per week available to run their franchise.


A can-do attitude, a positive personality and a strong work ethic, are the primary ingredients for success.


The main characteristics we believe will make the most successful franchisees are:



A very important trait - franchisees must have a real passion for what they do. Staff and customers must get a sense of a franchisee's enthusiasm for SportyStars, to get excited themselves.



There will be many challenges along the way, a successful franchisees will have the determination to keep going when faced with adversity.



There is no quick fix or magic formula. We will give you the tools, but ultimately it is up to the franchisee to have the focus and drive to make their business a success.


Good Admin Skills

Although are business model has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. Attention to detail, good IT skills and being social media savvy will only benefit the day to day running of the business.


Great Communicator

Franchisee's will be required to manage and train coaches, as well as building a good rapport with Schools, Parents, Venues and other Franchisee's. Good communication skills are imperative.


Fit and Active

It is possible to run a SportyStars Franchise without actively coaching or delivering events. Although there may be occasions where the franchisee will be required to step in to cover illness.

The franchise package / what’s included?


How much?


Our franchise fee is only £6500!


What’s included:


  • Licence fee - your right to use our name and systems

  • The franchise operations manual - your complete guide to running the franchise

  • Initial business training
  • Specific training for Sporty Stars
  • Marketing training and ongoing support
  • Launch kit (advertising templates, brochures and leaflets)
  • On site assistance following your launch
  • Sports and activity equipment worth over £4000!(Including Zorbs, Nerf equipment, Glow in the dark sports and Archery tag)
  • Comprehensive business information pack (including all Session Plans)
  • Corporate clothing
  • Exclusive territory with a minimum of 200,000 population
  • 10% discount off insurance
  • Links and collaborations to national party and event providers
  • Your own designated section on the website

How much can I earn?


The franchisee is largely in control of their own income. The potential earnings of a franchisee are driven through their own efforts. The more effort and time you put into the franchise, the higher levels of income one can expect.


You will have a number of income streams that will offer you revenue all year round, which all offer high repeat business and have consistent gross profit margins of between 30-40%. 


Our head office in Exeter has a turnover of £200k+. We strongly believe that by following our business plan, that these results can be replicated within any of our territories.


It is important to remember that all business incur overheads, which will affect the bottom line. We provide business training to ensure you are equipped to run your business economically and achieve the optimum results.We modestly project net profit for new franchisees of £30k in their first year to £70k by the third year. It is important to remember that these numbers can drastically increase with high levels of effort.


We know the demand is there for our services, and we know the model works!

Frequently asked questions​

Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars
Sporty Stars
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